What Rifle Should I Bring?


When it comes to the proper caliber of gun to bring, the general rule of thumb is no less than a .270 using a 130 gr. bullet. There is really no limit as to the maximum caliber, but let's bear in mind that we are hunting elk in country which tends to be wide open. Calibers such as a 458 Magnum and 45-70 are more than enough to kill an elk but probably don't shoot flat enough for our area.

A hunter must also take into consideration how they, as an individual, react to the recoil of a particular gun. Recoil is not usually an issue when you have a bull elk in your sights. However, you shouldn't be ashamed to admit if a gun has too much recoil for you; it is much better to hunt with a gun you can shoot well rather than strive to be in the "Big Bore Club".

If you are the type of person who believes in waiting for the perfect broadside shot at close range, say… no more than 200- 250 yards, then a .270 or 30-06 will accommodate you just fine. If you are capable of taking a longer shot and/or would consider taking a less than clear shot at the vitals, you will have to come up with the gun-bullet combination to serve that shot without causing a "wounded bull situation". While we suggest that our hunters take no more than a 350 yd. shot, a magnum caliber rifle will better enable a shooter to shoot comfortably out to this range.

Probably the most important factor is that you shoot your gun often before coming on your hunt. It consistently amazes me that many hunters will spend large amounts of money to book a hunt, but not spend enough time at the range. Spend some time shooting your gun before you go hunting; not only will you be ready and relaxed when the time comes, you will also have the confidence needed to connect on what could be your only shot at a nice trophy.


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