Where Should My Rifle Be Zeroed?


Where to zero a rifle is up for debate amongst hunters. Here is my opinion: I recommend zeroing your gun at 300 yards even if you would consider a 300 yard shot beyond your maximum shooting distance. Here's why:

A 30-06 using a 165-grain bullet shot from a factory cartridge travels about 2800 fps. This bullet will be 4.25 inches high at 100 yards and reaches its maximum height of 5.3 inches at 175 yards. The 300 Win. Mag. shoots a 180-grain bullet a little flatter. Don't worry if the mid-range trajectory seems high. Conservatively speaking, the kill zone of an elk is 18 inches deep and your bullet will strike well inside of it even at closer distances. When zeroed at 300 yards you will still be deadly, even for mule deer, out to 350 yards.

Once you have properly sighted in your rifle, we recommend that you practice with it using various field positions as well as the specific type of ammo you intend to bring. Experimenting from a bench on what your rifle can do at various distances out to your maximum distance will help, even though you may not take a shot as long as what your gun is capable.


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