What Is Your "Reverse" Trophy Fee?


In order for an animal to become a trophy, it must survive for a few years. Unfortunately, immature animals are sometimes shot just because the hunter has a tag. We like to encourage our clients to "pass up" forkhorn mule deer bucks.

In order to maintain high quality trophy animals, we have elected to implement a program to discourage the harvest of immature mule deer. Here is how it works:

  • If you shoot an immature mule-deer, you pay $500 fee. A mature mule deer must have 4 or more points on one antler, and/or have a minimum outside spread of at least 20". We do not consider eye guards as a point for these purposes.
  • This is understood to be a "gentleman's agreement" between our client and Wilderness Connection. There is no legal recourse intended; your word is your bond.
  • This restriction applies to antlered animals only. If you want meat, it is possible to get an antlerless elk permit for this area (313) by applying for a special permit prior to June 1st. In addition, a doe whitetail license may be purchased over the counter here in Montana which will allow you to take home an additional deer.
  • This restriction only applies to mule deer. Your deer license allows you to shoot one animal, either a mule deer buck, whitetail buck, or whitetail doe. We would rather see you shoot one of our whitetail which are not native to the west, than one of our immature mule deer.

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