What Do You Do with My Animal's Meat?


Gutting, trophy preparation, and game retrieval are all included in your hunt price. Once we get your animal out of the hills, we will hang it (indoors) in a cool spot to allow your meat to entirely cool down. We take utmost care in taking care of your meat.

After it has adequately cooled down, the rest depends upon you. If you have driven to Montana to hunt with us, you may choose to take your animal carcass home with you and have it cut and wrapped by a butcher you are comfortable with.

We do have several butchers in our area we work with frequently. If you choose to have it processed here, we will transport your animal to a butcher for you, free of charge. You will be responsible for any charges accrued in cutting and wrapping your game.

If you harvest your animal early in the week, and you have driven to Montana, your meat will probably be processed by the time you have to leave. If you have flown to Montana, our butcher can ship you the meat; you will have to pay for all shipping charges.

On occasion, we have a guide or friends driving near your hometown. Special arrangements can sometimes be made between the two of you to have your meat delivered.

(Note: These comments do not apply to our bison hunts. Our bison hunts require special meat accommodations.)


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