How Do I Get My Head and Horns Home?


So, you killed a nice animal, have the meat taken care of, and now you want to know how to get your head and horns home. Typically we cape the head on the mountain, thereby assuring the best possible care will be given to your animal's cape. When we get the cape back to camp, we'll stick it in the freezer to get it frozen down. We do not turn ears, lips, and eyes - nor do we salt the cape - I think these things are all best done by a taxidermist.

If you drove of course, you will probably take your head and frozen cape home with you. If you flew to Montana, however, we have a few options for you to consider. Often, we have a guide, hunter, or friend driving near your hometown over the winter. Special arrangements can sometimes be made between the two of you to have your head, horns, and possibly meat delivered.

In recent years, I have been taking heads and horns from our camp to a local taxidermist. It works really well to have our taxidermist turn the eyes, ears, nose and lips, flesh and salt the cape, and ship both the cape and horns to your taxidermist. This is a very reasonable alternative, and except for shipping, you'd have to pay a taxidermist to do the work anyway. Of course, you can always have our taxidermist mount the animal. Who does a better job mounting an elk - an elk taxidermist or a whitetail taxidermist? However, shipping or freighting a mounted animal can get really expensive.


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